W.C. ( Wouter ) van der Walt Building and Project managment.

Wouter Christian van der Walt was born on 15 July 1972 in Pretoria.

My passion for building started as a small boy building small houses and roads - with any material I could lay my hands on - in the sand for my small “matchbox” cars. With a brilliant, practical and creative father, and successful with anything he laid his hands on, from metal to mortar, wood to clay, and a stonemason grandfather, a sweet flavor was left in the mouths of their sons.  This will never be forgotten and we will strive to let this flavor be inherited by our coming generations.

My construction career started with  Z100 Civil Construction who appointed me as a Site Agent for the laying of a 600 / 300mm, 30km water pipeline in Kudube, which is situated in the Hammanskraal area North of Pretoria.

I then started marketing myself under the name of “WAC Projects”, I did small residential additions, alterations and steelwork with the usual home building requirements.

In 1998 at the Bilene Lake in Mozambique I obtained the contract to build the Bilene Lodge.  Here I met up with a Master Builder who is the owner of a well-known Portuguese Building Company in Johannesburg.

In 1999 my up-market building career started with Reef Builders, with whom I had a very close relationship, managing the building and upgrading of upmarket homes for some of South Africa’s top business owners in Sandhurst and Hyde Park, Johannesburg.

WJK Construction was established by myself in October 2004. Based on good skills and high standards which I learned from Reef Builders, I was fortunate to continue my career in the building industry.

In 2008 I started Mango Plant and Construction Hire which at the time only housed my civil and plant hire division .

Mango Plant and Construction Hire, trading as Mango Building, maintains a good reputation in the building industry, working closely with well-known architects and quantity surveyors.


Our company is based in Benoni on the East Rand which serve the Gauteng region. The fast growing East Rand, Pretoria and Johannesburg is easily accessible from here in order to complete each project with the necessary personal attention, requirements and standards.


Our main market is the building / altering and maintaining of private homes and commercial projects, with Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Property Developers.


The company has a core team of 30 permanent employees, some of which is with us for over 13 years, but also makes regular use of additional experienced and reliable sub-contractors, where projects warrant a larger work force.


Mango Building is dedicated to produce superior workmanship, and is known for its attention to detail and high quality finishes.  We pride ourselves on a solid reputation, gained from the sense of responsibility maintained on all projects and the ability to consistently deliver in line with clients expectations; therefore we can present a decent list of referrals in the building industry.